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Forensic Stats 101

Forensic Stats 101

This course is self-paced and available for you to start learning today!

Forensic Stats 101 is a continuing education course for forensic science practitioners provided by CSAFE and led by Dr. Alicia Carriquiry. This course addresses the core concepts related to probability, statistics, and their application to today’s forensics issues. You will learn how statistical principles apply the evaluation of evidence, including the assessment of the probative value of the evidence and the range of conclusions that can be derived from forensic analyses. This course equips you to address the core concepts of probability, statistics, and their application to today’s issues in forensic science –– no matter your prior knowledge of statistics.

The emphasis of the course is not on performing statistical analysis but on understanding why statistical ideas must guide the collection, visualization, exploration, analyses, and interpretation of evidence. The instructors will also discuss what can and cannot be concluded from various statistical analyses and how to present results that are supported by statistical findings.

 Learning Objectives 

  1. Understand the differences between populations and samples and methods to make inferences from the sample to the population, and the consequent need for well-designed experiments and surveys. 
  2. Be able to critically assess the designs used in published scientific papers and their impact on the findings presented by investigators. Students will be asked to evaluate designs, including strengths and weaknesses. 
  3. Be able to read the course and similar texts to update their knowledge as their need for additional statistical knowledge evolves. Students should be able to identify situations where additional professional statistical help is called for. 
  4. Be able to calculate minimum sample sizes for basic experimental designs and surveys, and other basic statistics. 

Course Structure 

The course is divided into nine sections covering various aspects of probability and statistics and how they apply to forensics. Refer to the course outline below for topics covered in each section. Lectures are provided as recorded videos. Each of the nine sections has between 2-5 lecture videos that are each 45-60 minutes in length.

Ungraded quizzes and labs accompany each section to check your understanding and supplement your learning. The final exam will assess your understanding of the course content. 


Instructors: Alicia Carriquiry, Joseph Zemmels

Price: $500.00
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