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From easy-to-understand videos to self-paced courses, CSAFE Learning resources help forensic practitioners understand the application of statistics within forensic analysis. Each piece is created specifically for forensic practitioners, lawyers, judges, and other legal professionals, breaking down complex statistical concepts using cutting edge research and real-world examples. No matter your level of experience with statistics, we have something for you.

Dive-in to explore the different types and levels of resources included in our learning platform. Need help finding the best fit for you and your organization? Contact us at:

Featured Courses

Unpacking Workplace Stress and Forensic Expert Decision-Making: From Theory to Practice

Workplace stress can affect forensic experts’ job satisfaction and performance, which holds financial and other implications for forensic service providers. Therefore, it is important to understand and manage workplace stress, but that is not simple or straightforward. This talk aims to help forensic service providers and policymakers to implement context-specific interventions to manage stress at work and optimize expert performance, by developing a deeper understanding of the stressors, their sources, and their possible impacts.

This webinar is on-demand and available immediately.

Presumption of Innocence, Probable Cause, and Prior Probability—Bayes Meets Due Process

Bayes Theorem has three ingredients:

  1. prior probability,
  2. likelihood ratio, and
  3. posterior probability.
Each one has important scientific, legal, and philosophical implications.

To make matters worse, the ingredients are often confused, conflated, and transposed. The goal of this presentation is to review the precepts of conditional probability, the notation of Bayes’ Formula, and the touchpoints with presumption of innocence and probable cause.

This webinar is on-demand and available immediately.

Implementing Blind Proficiency Testing in Forensic Science Laboratories

Learn more about how blind proficiency testing can be implemented in forensic science laboratories and how it can positively impact your work.

This learning opportunity is on-demand and available immediately.