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Statistical and Algorithmic Approaches to Matching Bullets

CSAFE researchers at Iowa State University will discuss the advances they have made towards providing firearms examiners with an objective, quantifiable and standard approach to describe the degree of similarity observed between two bullets.

This webinar is on-deamnd and available immediately.

Case Processing and Human Factors at Crime Laboratories

Examining case processing to gauge the basic reliability of latent print examination is a crucial step in understanding and improving the statistical foundations for pattern evidence.

This webinar is on-demand and available immediately.

A Generative Approach to Forensic Shoeprint Recognition

The forensic analysis of impression evidence, such as fingerprints or shoeprints, plays a critical role in crime investigation.

This webinar is on demand and available immediately.

Thinking About Likelihood Ratios for Pattern Evidence

The likelihood ratio has been proposed as a logical way to summarize forensic evidence. In pattern evidence disciplines; however, the application of likelihood ratios is challenging because of the high-dimensional data involved and the lack of relevant probability models (among other issues).

This webinar is on-demand and available immediately.