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Short Courses

Autopsy of a Crime Lab

This short course, beautifully sculpted for legal professionals, is a companion to Brandon Garrett's 2021 book, "Autopsy of a Crime Lab." Throughout this course, Garrett conducts a critical review of how forensics are used in criminal cases, detailing the many ways that evidence relied upon by courts and juries can be compro
mised on its way from the crime scene to the lab to the courtroom.

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Statistical Thinking for Forensic Practitioners Short Course

In this asynchronous short course, Dr. Hal Stern introduces fundamental concepts from probability and statistics - motivated by forensic issues - followed by a detailed investigation of how they apply to assess forensic evidence's probative value.

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Sampling for Forensic Practitioners Short Course

In this three-session short course, Dr. Alicia Carriquiry focuses on populations, sampling frames, sampling methods and geometric sampling. The emphasis will be on understanding how these methods are used to aid and enhance current forensic science practices. Content in the second and third sessions will build upon content provided in the previous session(s).

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